History of The Pampered Palate Café

Twenty-six and Twenty-eight East Beverley Street were built circa 1840 and are part of the Beverley Historic District. Merchants at this location sold tobacco and cigars, boots and shoes, military, jewelry and in 1921 …. Lunch!

Local residents remember this location as “Atlantic Lunch” where hot dogs were grilled in the front window and a pinball machine occupied a corner of the kitchen.

In October 1979 the site opened under its present name as a wine and gourmet shop with a few pre-packaged sandwiches. Sandwich sales boomed and over the years the menu has evolved into a full-service café offering delicious menu items for our locals and visitors to Staunton.

However, some things haven’t changed. We still slice all of our gourmet meats and cheeses every day, make our chicken and tuna salad fresh in-house, as well as many of our dressings, sauces, and coleslaw. Our bread is even sourced from a local bakery to ensure you are receiving a great meal every time.

Thank you for supporting the Pampered Palate as it continues to be a downtown tradition for our family and yours.

Brandon Farrow, Nicole Schroers
The Pampered Palate Family