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Pampered Potato
Order by Number
Your choice of overstuffed baked Idaho potato buttered and seasoned.

Stuffed Potato only or Potato Platter served with garden salad and fruit

1.    Roast Beef, Onion, Cheddar
2.    Broccoli, Cheddar
3.    Ham and Swiss
4.    Roast Beef with Brie
5.    Vegetables with Havarti: Broccoli, Celery, Carrot, Cauliflower, Tomato & Mushrooms
6.    Turkey, Muenster, Bacon
7.    Smoked Turkey, Swiss Mushrooms
8.    Bacon, Mushrooms, Provolon
9.    Herb Butter & Sour Cream
10.  Chunky Salsa, Mesquite Chicken and Cheddar
Homemade Quiche Du Jour
Quiche Platter
Freshly baked quiche, garden salad with dressing, and fresh fruit

Quiche Solo
Hot quiche du jour with fresh fruit slice

Whole Quiche
Order ahead and pick up at our deli. Your choice of meat, veggie and cheese combination. Serves seven. 24 hour notice needed.